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If self-defense is ever exercised against brutal anti-American attacks on Trump supporters… you can bet the media will BLAME only Trump

Another Trump rally, another act of violence.

If you listen to the mainstream media, you’d probably assume that it was Trump supporters assaulting some innocent minority. If you’ve had your eyes open for the last six months, you’d immediately know that the exact opposite happened.

At a rally in San Jose, CA, Trump supporters were verbally and physically berated by a Mexican flag-carrying mob. One woman in particular was pelted with eggs and bottles. CNN, the leftist shills that they are, reported that the woman “taunted” the screaming liberals. Is this the same mainstream media outlet that goes out of their way to tell us that no woman is ever responsible for being attacked?

Could you imagine if the roles were reversed, and a group of Trump supporters had thrown eggs at people attending a Clinton rally? It would be absolute insanity. They’d blame Trump’s violent speech and pretend that no liberals have ever been guilty of such behavior. If and when these Trump supporters defend themselves against the screaming mob, there’s no doubt that Trump himself will receive the blame.

Oh, liberals. Your hypocrisy never ceases to amaze.



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