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Dallas woman fends off intruder with handgun proving again that armed self-defense is an effective crime deterrent

( Anti-Second Amendment types are often quick to assert that the number of times Americans actually use a gun to defend themselves is very low, but that bogus claim is so often trumped by reality.

In fact, the claim was debunked yet again recently, this time in Dallas, where a woman used a personal handgun to fend off an attacker.

As reported by WFAA, Pamela Miller told police she was in the bathtub getting ready to go to work when a burglar came to her home.

“I heard the alarm go off, and I thought, ‘Someone is breaking in,'” Miller said.

Knowing something was wrong, she first called her husband on his cell phone, then armed herself with a handgun and locked herself in the bathroom. She then called 911.

“I am talking to 911 in the bathroom,” she said. “I could hear him coming through the living room to the bedroom, and he kicked the bedroom door in.”

What she did not see but what was picked up by her surveillance cameras outside was the suspect pacing around the house and scouting it out before he is seen kicking in the front door and going through the home.

Miller said she could hear the burglar getting close and she said she prayed he wouldn’t try the bathroom door. But he did.

“He kicked the bathroom door once, and I fired the shot,” she said, putting a bullet through the middle of the door. She said if the suspect continued through she was prepared to kill him.

“If he was coming in, I was going to clear the magazine and protect myself,” she said.

Husband Anthony was frantic trying to find out what was going on in his home as he raced there to be with her.

“I don’t know what is going on,” he said. “I don’t want to call, because I don’t want the phone to ring.”

He added that he was grateful he taught his wife how to use their gun.

Dallas police arrived soon after Pamela Miller’s 911 call but the suspect ran off. But he left footprints on several doors. And the surveillance cameras caught him on a number of occasions, so police are confident they will eventually catch him.

But the larger point is this: Pamela Miller isn’t a terrorist, she’s not a criminal and she’s not a marauding vigilante – she’s an American citizen who has the right to “keep and bear arms” for self-defense and, as our founders noted, for other important, liberty-preserving purposes.

And she, like scores of other Americans, is alive and well today because of that right.

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